What is Changing?
  • Data Network ordering is moving from the legacy IST Shopping cart to the Telecom Catalog on September 21, 2015

           - Voice Products and Services ordering moved to the Telecom Catalog in May 2014

  • Remaining services in IST Shopping cart will be migrated over several years
  • The IST Shopping cart software is no longer supported by the vendor
What Stays the Same?
  • Continue to view your data network connections in the legacy IST Shopping Cart
  • Data network orders entered in the legacy IST Shopping CArt will be available for at least six months
  • Hostmaster requests: hostmaster@nic.berkeley.edu
  • Data Projects Requests: cns-projects@berkeley.edu
  • Data Center Requests: dc-ticket@berkeley.edu
  • UC Backup - still use IST Shopping Cart (for now)
Benefits of the Telecom Catalog
  • More transparency of request status
  • You can add attachments such as floor plans
  • Emails are incorporated in requests, so they are easily accessible
  • You can easily communicate with Telecom staff using the comments feature
  • Improved user interface
Dates to Remember
  • Monday, September 21

        - Ordering Data Network products and services available in Telecom Catalog

  • Thursday, September 24

        - Last day to place orders for Data Network services using IST Shopping cart

  • Friday, September 25

        - All Data orders must be submitted using the Telecom Catalog 

        - Ordering for Data Network services is turned off on the IST Shopping Cart

        - The IST Shopping Cart remains available to handle other items

Conversion of Open Requests
  • The Week of September 28

        - IST will migrate all open Shopping Cart Data Network orders to the Telecom Catalog

        - You will receive an email notification when your request has been converted, which will contain your new RITM tracking number

        - To look up your request use the RITM tracking number in the Telecom Catalog


How do I get BAIRS access?

Ask your MSO or department manager to assign you viewing rights in BAIRS http://www.bai.berkeley.edu/BAIRS/index.htm (Berkeley Administrative Initiative Reporting System).